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Our mission

Make the world a happier and more beautiful place

Express your unique colours with a Purr Binta bag handmade in The Gambia 

With every Purr Binta bag you:

Bring worlds together

We stand for collaboration and connection. Together with our team in the Gambia, West-Africa, we build a bridge between cultures. A Purr Binta bag brings connection and positivy everywhere you bring it, like Binta did.

Create beauty with passion

Create your own bag in our bag designer:




Our passionated tailors make it for you, just how you have designed it. Every bag is an unique piece of art, a result of collaboration between you and the tailor in The Gambia. You will receive photos of how it's made in the suprise set of matching inner bags.

Give a helping hand

The world becomes a happier place when we give each other a helping hand. With every bag, we give a helping hand to the tailors and the Purr Binta family in The Gambia. 

Are grateful for what you have 

Every person comes with an unique set of colours. Choose your favourite colour and moment: shopping, festival, work, travel, or weekend. Personalise your bag with a name on the label, carved by our wood carver. Enjoy your bag that reflects who and what you are, every day!

Celebrate life

With a Purr Binta bag, you tell a story and bring joy in the world around you.

Meet the Purr Binta team

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