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Binta package

Binta package


Binta - Purr Shopping bag package


The Binta Purr Shopping bag, is a strong and flat bag to take with you everywhere.

The inner pocket with zipper protects your valuable belongings. The Binta is great for occasions like small shopping and holidays. The symmetry in the design makes the bag a piece of art. The tailors pay attention to every detail, be curious and explore new things on your bag every day. 



Binta is the name of the little amazing human being that passed away. As many other girls in The Smiling Coast, named after the mother of Kunta Kintah in the story about slavery: Roots. Binta Tessie brought so much positivism in this world, as small as she was. And we wish the bags will do the same!



The Binta is a super strong bag, that can be used for every occasion. Fast, to put in and get out stuff. The inner pocket with zipper protects your valuable belongings. The bag can be hold in your hand or put on your shoulders, as you wish. 


Binta Shopping bag with inner zipper pocket:

- Width: 36 cm

- Height: 40 cm

- Handles: 64 cm

- Inner pocket with zipper: width 25 cm, height 18 cm, 8 cm under upper edge


+ SURPRISE of 2 small bags 

Comes as a gift with every Purr Binta bag, as gifting is caring. Also, we do not have to throw away small pieces of the beautiful fabric. The small Sulos are here to bring extra smiles and have a complete safe carry experience.





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