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Lale Kouma Festi package

Lale Kouma Festi package


Lale Kouma -  Festival bag package


The Lale Kouma Purr Festival bag, is a light and flat bag to carry everywhere and your stuff to be very safe. When you want your valuable belongings close to your body, and still be able to move or dance and not pay too much attention to it, the Lale Kouma is fantastic. The tailors spend time to every detail, be curious and explore new things on your bag every day. 


The naming story

Lale Kouma is an authentic song from Senegal. Bas his first touch with traditional African music, when he was traveling in Senegal. As the bag is perfect for music festivals, we gave it this name. 



The Lale Kouma is an extra safety bag with an inner pocket that protects your valuable belongings. The bag closes with an extra zipper on the top and a button for extra protection. You do not even notice, you are carrying a bag, as the handles are very soft and the Lale Kouma is close to your body.


EXTRA TIP: The bag can be attached to your belt which is ideal in festivals, holiday day trips, and music events. Or put on your shoulders crossbody, as you wish. 


Measurements of bag excluding handle:

Width 22 cm 

Height 16 cm

Depth 5 cm

Handles: 120 cm

Inner pocket with zipper: width 22 cm, height 16 cm


+ SURPRISE of 2 small bags 

Comes with a Purr Binta gift of 2 small extra bags, as gifting is caring.

Also, we do not have to throw away small pieces of the beautiful fabric.

The small Sulos are here to bring extra smiles and have a complete safe carry experience.


Both of the bags fit in the inner side pocket.  

Purr passes, keys, cash money bag

- Zipper

- Width: 11cm

- Height: 8 cm


Purr protect (phone) padded bag

- Padded

- Zipper

- Width 18 cm

- Height: 12 cm

- 2 compartments



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